Carrie Olsen, sculptor


Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Forensic facial reconstruction is the process of recreating from the skull a sufficient likeness of the living individual that it will aid in identification of skeletal remains when there are no other means available. This technique is used for helping to discover the identity of victims of crimes, but also for archeological purposes, to get an insight into the past. Carrie Olsen brings to forensic facial reconstruction some unique skills. Before she began sculpting, she worked in the field of medicine. She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy. This knowledge is evident in her sculptures. The coupling of her sculpting talent and her medical knowledge allows a unique marriage of these skills. The following are some demonstrations of her work
Black Male Phase 1
The skull is marked at bony landmarks according to set standards. This reveals the average depth of tissue at these points.

Black Male Phase 2

Clay is added to the depth of the markers and features roughed out.


Black Male Reconstruction

The final part of reconstruction is where talent couples with knowlege to show a "best guess" at what the person looked like in life. It is here that Carrie adds depth and reality to the sculpture. Here is the completed reconstruction.

Aged Black Male Reconstruction

This picture shows the same person aged. The extraordinary details and life-like appearance are a testimonial to Carrie's remarkable skill.

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